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Low - Question about how to do something | Normal - A feature is no longer working and it's slowing you down | High - A major feature has stopped working | Urgent - You are unable to perform any actions in Yext

This id is the first number in the url when viewing your dashboard. For example, if your dashboard url looked like this; your Account ID would be 123456. Your Account ID can also be found in Personal Settings > Account ID. If you can't find your Account ID, please enter "00000".

We’re only using this information to ensure your request is handled in a timely manner.

Account type can be found under the "Account Information" section in your Account Settings. Account Settings can be found by clicking on your name in the top right corner of your dashboard then clicking on "Account Settings".

What is the name of your business as it is in Yext?

This issue can commonly be resolved by re-linking your Yelp account within Yext. Please confirm that this has been attempted before continuing with your request.

If multiple, provide a spreadsheet with Yext accepted formatting.

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